About Us

Failing Point has been created by two brave entrepreneurs Henna and Julia who have a will to change the status quo and create a more encouraging and inspiring atmosphere for entrepreneurs in Finland.

Uniting these two businesswomen is the drive to create something valuable, vision big and then just do it. With this mindset, A podcast called Failing Point was created.

Failing Point’s mission is to change the finnish business culture into a more positive, open and encouraging direction. This kind of a mission needs cooperation and togetherness.

These two businesswomen are certain that Failing Point’s topics will inspire every entrepreneur and podcast listener. They also think and believe that grit, vision and perseverance will take entrepreneurs towards success.

In the end - we can learn from one another and become inspired by each others stories. Each of our stories are different but the will to succeed is what unites us.

Our aim is to talk deeply and honestly about entrepreneurship.

The Failing Point’s guests are individuals that have unbelievable stories to share and are brave enough to share them.