Evan Luthra, a serial entrepreneur, an investor and a public speaker


Evan Luthra is a true inspiration for us all. He has experienced a lot by building and investing in a variety of businesses, he’s an innovator, pioneer and working constantly on world-changing ideas.

His priority is to inspire and help other people to succeed. He is committed to making the world a better place.

Evan started his entrepreneurial path at very young age being one of the first in the world to build mobile apps and writing a very successful blog. His company, EL Group International has developed and delivered mobile apps for major Fortune 500 companies, which is mind-blowing.

Evan’s biggest idol is his own father who is also an entrepreneur and he thinks we entrepreneurs can learn from others.

Evan is a successful investor and has invested many different companies and projects around the globe. 

His Biggest focus is his Incubator StartupStudio.online which has built and invested in companies with a combined market cap in excess of $1 Billion USD and tens of millions of users.

Evan is also an active crypto investor and was actually nominated as a “Blockchain Entrepreneur of the year” by Global Chief Innovation Officer Forum. Evan has also received an Honorary Ph.D in Blockchain.

Evan is a very inspiring motivational speaker and has talked in over 100 conferences around the world.

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