David Blinov, an entrepreneur, a public speaker and a digital marketer


David Blinov is a brilliant businessman. He is a digital marketer and entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience. 

Coming from a poor family, David entered the working life early and started his first digital business at 16.

Since then he has founded several companies, and learned a lot from the challenges he faced. 

David's approach to business is based on constant experimentation. He sees failure as an important part of entrepreneurship, and encourages others to embrace their mistakes. 

David hopes to create change in the way that failure is seen in the Finnish business culture.

Today David is a Managing Partner at The F Company, a growing digital agency that focuses on data and marketing technology. He helps companies implement agile marketing processes and radically grow online sales. The F Company is based in Helsinki and Amsterdam. 

David gets a kick from public speaking, and mentoring ambitious entrepreneurs. He gets his best ideas while traveling to inspiring destinations, and wears blazers whenever appropriate.

You can learn more about David Blinov on his website.

Henna Himanka