Suvi Widgren, an entrepreneur, an investor, a leader


A passionate business woman, starting investor and overall lover of life, Suvi Widgren established a fashion business straight after her graduation.

An inspiring leader and courageous decision-maker, her business became a success story, employing over 30 people.

10 years later she made a successful exit from the fashion business and took her family on a year long around-the-world-trip.

While travelling, she discovered a new spark in the restaurant industry. She invested in a young Finnish start-up, a healthy food-chain and started her work there as the CEO. However, less than 6 months later, she had to make one of the most difficult decisions of her career; she took the business to bankruptcy despite all the hard work she’d invested. Suvi lost all her investment but learned immensely.

Now she’s working as the CEO of Smartum Oy. Suvi has over 15 years of management experience and has been an active influencer in many companies.

Suvi has had the courage to fulfill many of her dreams from a very early age, which few can even dream of.

Suvi’s recipe for success is strong self-management, endless self-confidence, courage to make decisions, a hint of selfishness, a large network of friends, as well as humor and a passion towards life.

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Henna Himanka