Hanna Maula, a researcher, a consultant entrepreneur, an executive coach in Silicon Valley


Hanna Maula is a consultant entrepreneur, a researcher, and an executive coach in Silicon Valley.

During the past five years she has consulted many large and small organizations and worked as a researcher at Aalto University and as a visiting scholar at Stanford University. She is also Senior Advisor at Aalto University Executive Education.

Prior to moving to Silicon Valley, Hanna held several communications and marketing positions in large, international organizations.

Hanna is also a non-fiction writer and has co-authored well received books on strategy communications and strategy work. She is currently writing her third book on design and leadership.

Hanna tells us about her about her doctoral dissertation 'Big dreams and bold steps: Becoming a startup entrepreneur in Silicon Valley'. Although her current research focuses more on organizational transformation, entrepreneurship is close to her heart.

Hanna believes startup entrepreneurship can be seen as a key to new innovations in today’s fast changing operating environment. Silicon Valley is of course one of the most revealing places to study it! 

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