Christoffer Weiss, A serial entrepreneur, a digital nomad, an actor


Christoffer Weiss is a real life superhero. A man from not-so-extraordinary beginnings, who has made his life into something truly extraordinary. A ecological business-hippie, a world traveler, a warrior of light and a change agent for the future. Someone who has his feet firmly planted on the ground, his heart open for humanity and his eyes set on the stars.

Born and raised in a small town about 1 hour away from Helsinki, Christoffer always knew he wanted to perform. In his early teens, his elementary school teacher, who already had succeeded to channel most of Christoffer insatiable hunger for attention and talent for entertaining and informing, suggested Christoffer to seek out to participate in a full fledged theatre performance. And after that happened in 1991, there was no turning back. He was stung, bitten by the acting bug, changed for life. He knew there and then this is what he was destined to do.

Long story short, Christoffer applied to and in 1997 passed the exams of the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, and after failing to complete a course on his firs year, he had to quit and head back home with his tail between his legs. But he did not give up, he grew and in 1999, he came back. In 2001 he spent a semester studying acting in Hollywood, his ultimate dream (or let’s say the first step on the way) BUT, after living his dream he came back to Helsinki and “failed” again, upon deciding to quit the academy completing 3/4 years.

This is where the tides turned. After falling into an intense depression that nearly had him taking his own life, only resisting it due to a deep introspection on how his choice would affect his nearest and dearest. After taking a sun soaked vacation on Cyprus, Christoffer came back with a craving to change his life and in the long run change the world.

Christoffer is and has since been driven by the pursue of IKIGAI; the reason to get out of bed. Everything Christoffer has done and keeps on doing is dictated by things he knows how to do, likes to do, gets paid to do and the world needs. He uses the form of entrepreneurship to primarily express himself and to create an outlet for his needs, wants, urges and dreams.

Working all over the world, pretty much consistently since 2012, Christoffer has amassed a great deal of experiences and knowledge that he shares through his own keynotes, seminars and workshops, both in person and online. He also creates impeccable experiences for other speakers with his audiovisual alchemy and event production.

Christoffer also produces online content both for himself and his clients. And mentors high level performers in various industries on reaching deeper and wider in their life and work.

Christoffer’s yearning for acting is still there deep within him and will never go away, at least not until he reaches his original goal of receiving an Oscar for best actor in a leading role…

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