Rachel Kurzyp, A Marketing professional and a public speaker


Rachel Kurzyp is an incredible businesswoman from whom we can learn a lot from. Rachel lives in Australia.

She is a copywriter, business coach, marketing consultant, speaker and teacher helping women blend who they are with what they do, build a thriving, profitable, and sought-after brand, and become known for their expertise in a way that feels right to them.

Over the last 12 years, Rachel has helped women, small businesses, and big brands across six continents become known, profitable and attract their ideal clients.

Rachel has a Bachelor degree in Journalism, a Bachelor degree in Business Management, and a Masters in International Development.

Rachel speaks regularly at international events on all things communication, writing, and using storytelling in the workplace, and runs her masterclass, Write Copy People Actually Read, a few times a year.

Rachel also teaches media and communications at a Melbourne-based university and writes for international publications on the topics of health, education, social inclusion and business.

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