Julia Kinnunen 

Entrepreneur in the beauty industry
Personality type (MBTI): INFP
Motto: “Don’t be afraid to fail”

“People often ask me how long have I been an entrepreneur. Yep, that’s a good question that I keep asking myself too; when did I really start to feel like an entrepreneur?

First I started as a sole trader, makeup artist freelancer. At that time I think I was panicking too much about everything to not even realize I was working for myself.

It was a year 2011 and on that year I did all the mistakes you can ever imagine. Or so I thought. In a year 2015 I founded a makeup school with my colleague and that was when the learning experiences really started to happen.

Before I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I didn’t have any knowledge or experience about it. I didn’t know any person that was or had been a business owner.

During these past few years I’ve discovered that it’s super important to know other entrepreneurs. Networking, peer support, advises and good conversations; they lead you forward.

Being an entrepreneur has been the best thing that has happened to me and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Yes it’s challenging, problematic and occasionally tiring but also more rewarding than anything else that I’ve been doing with my life.

The most important thing for me has been finding the right people and habits to work with. Certain working habits that I follow help me to stay focused.

Failing Point podcast that I started to do with my very dear business owner colleague Henna, is a matter of heart to me. If there’s something that I’ve been wanting to do my whole life, it’s to help others.

I feel that through this podcast I have a possibility to combine the two things I love, helping others and being an entrepreneur. I hope that this podcast will touch and inspire our listeners and that this podcast will create a lot of discussion in good spirit! "

Henna Himanka

Entrepreneur specialized in business consulting and marketing
Personality type (MBTI): INFJ
Motto: “Mistakes are the stepping to success, which in the end is inherited with perseverance “

“I really think entrepreneurship runs in my blood. Both of my parents are actually entrepreneurs.

Even as a child I have been determined and done things in my own way. Very early on I noticed that entrepreneurship really suits me.

What I love about being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to follow my own path, and my vision. Simply put: My passion is business. To solve problems for clients and make them succeed motivates me every single day.

I personally think everyone should follow their passion and set high goals for themselves in this life.

Entrepreneurs give everyday 110 % of themselves, innovate and solve problems. Thus for me, entrepreneurs really are everyday life heroes.

My own passion is to help develop businesses and also to develop myself and my skills everyday.

I have myself experienced many setbacks and obstacles on my entrepreneurial path. I have faced many challenges but have made through them with grit. I truly believe that those experiences have made tougher and also better in business.

A strong will to help others succeed has started from those same experiences. That’s why this podcast is important to me.

Failing Point has a massive but inspiring mission and I am lucky to host it with my dear friend Julia that I admire and respect dearly. I think Julia brings good energy to the podcast which is very valuable.

I really think that the topics we go through in each episode will inspire and motivate listeners to overcome their challenges and inspire them to aim even higher in business and in their lives.”